Testing is done with the tox automation tool, which runs a pytest-backed test suite in the tests module. This FAQ contains some useful information about how to use tox on Windows.

Testing Requirements

In addition to the installation requirements for the package itself, running tests and building documentation requires additional packages specified by the tests and docs extras in setup.py, along with any other explicitly specified deps in tox.ini.

Running Tests

Defined in tox.ini are environments that test the package under different python versions, check types, enforce style guidelines, verify the integrity of the documentation, and release the package. The following command can be run in the top-level pyfwl directory to run all testing environments:


You can choose to run only one environment, such as the one that builds the documentation, with the -e flag:

tox -e docs

Test Organization

Fixtures, which are defined in tests.conftest, configure the testing environment and load data according to a range of specifications.

Tests in tests.test_hdfe verify that different algorithms yield the same solutions.